Some Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks Which You Need To Try


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Cleaning is among the regular and the most tedious works of household. When we talk about cleaning things like furniture or carpet, they really give us headache. So what should you do? Here is a help! We provide you the best ideas and tricks to help you get rid of those rigid and stubborn stains out from your carpet and make your carpet look fresh and new again in least time possible:Woman-vacuuming-carpet_khsld7

  • Ice Cubes are among the easiest and simplest tricks because it can be found at all the places and you can get rid of even the stubborn gum out of it. You just need to rub ice cubes on the area that has held the gum and use a spoon to lift the gum out from the carpet. You can also cut the gum out as it gets loosened up after getting freezed by ice cubes. Take care of the strands of carpet while you cut the gum in order to avoid damage to your carpet.Depositphotos_73134137_s-2015-300x200
  • Using alcohol is the next best hack that can help you get away the stains of glue and you can prevent the sticky glue out from it just by using soft rag soaked in alcohol. You can wipe it off easily then and repeat those steps for a couple of times unless you can finally get rid of the sticky stubborn glue out of your carpet.clean-carpet
  • Potatoes can be a carpet saver as well. So as to get rid of bad and stale smell from the carpet, you can spread some potatoes after grating it. This acts as a wonder element to avoid the foul odour of the carpet. After leaving the grated potatoes for some hours, you can suck the potato using a vacuum cleaner or pick it off.medium
  • Using detergent that is used to wash dishes can be a great tip of getting rid of stains and dirt out from the carpet. This is the best way to get rid of the rigid stains of grease. It will keep the stains out and will work instantly from the moment you put some drops on the stain. You just need to make a solution of detergent with water and apply on the grease. Blot it for sometime until you remove it permanently.3c69f4aad022e6c34de34bca0d8aa14a
  • You never know but a flat hot iron can really do wonders for you. You just need to heat the iron and get rid of some of the dead stains and things that gets blocked inside your carpet like candle wax. You must cover the stain and iron the area. Later use a knife to get the wax off.